Thursday, May 7, 2015

April 2015

It always takes me longer to sort through and upload the pictures I want to post, so I'll add those when I have more time. Until then, here are my April memories!

4-1-15 When I picked up the girls from Mary's today, Violet was waving and whispering good-bye to her friends. I said, say it louder so they can hear you! She said it in her "loud" voice which is a little louder, but still softer than most people's normal voice. “Bye friends.”
Lily is back to stuttering on certain words and it's hilarious! (By the way, I read it's normal for this age. She does it off and on so we're not worried.) Today it was ‘what’ in a fast, high voice... "Whada-whada-whada-whada what's sissy doing?"

4-2-15 Today we went to see Poppy Jay! We played with the blocks and danced to Glen Miller. This was the first time I saw them holding hands and dancing together! It was so sweet! Violet kept falling down and then were both laughing so hard! Great Grandpa Jay thought they were funny too.

4-4-15 What a fun day! We started out coloring eggs! I mean baby eggs! The girls colored on them with crayons and then we had them stand at the counter on chairs so we could dye them. They loved it! We went grocery shopping next and they were extra helpful. It was so fun! They picked all the produce for us and put everything in the basket. After nap we found our kite and went to the park! We sung Let's Go Fly a Kite about a dozen times. They were totally in awe over the kite! They both helped daddy hold the string and loved it! There were a couple people there with those big glider kites that take two hands to control. That was fun to watch!
The Easter Bunny comes tonight! Tomorrow should be lots of fun too!

4-5-15 Happy Easter! The girls searched for their baskets when they woke up and Violet spotted them both! They were very excited about their eggs and goodies in their baskets! The Easter Bunny brought mini-kites, new jammies, sunnies, headbands, socks, some quarters, and candy!!!! Violet went nuts shoving M&M’s in as fast as she could! That girl loves her chocolate! We went outside on the deck to fly our kites and Lily kept singing Let's Go Fly a Kite! After nap we stopped at Yia-yia's to see her new house and then went up to Poppy's for dinner and an egg hunt! They loved the yummy ham and played with their cousins. When we were getting in the truck, Violet had a hold of her big basket, hugging it. She started running toward the truck (down the steep driveway) and then she couldn't stop! She was running faster than I've ever seen!! I didn’t know her little legs could move so fast! I grabbed her so she wouldn't fall. It scared her and she started crying. I'm just glad she didn't fall! She probably would have been hurt pretty badly! Silly girl! It was a fun Easter! They definitely got into it more than last year!

4-7-15 The last week or so they've been saying Mary instead of Meme. Today Mary said that she's kind of sad they can say her name now! Lily's been saying, "Can't do anything." I ask who can't do anything and she says mama! I don't know where she got that but I don't like it! Lily sings the sesame street song "Sunny day! Clouds away! On my way!"

4-10-15 We got a new matchy game! They've both been finding matches in stuff everywhere! They love turning all the pieces over and finding "Matchy Monkey" and "Matchy Turtle" and so on!

4-11-15 We went on a little hike up City Creek this afternoon. We said we are in the mountains! Lily said, “In the mountains! Say happy birthday moon!” They were fascinated with all of the wildlife they saw. They’d crouch right down and intently watch until we pulled them away, especially the big, black beetle. That was the first one they spotted. They stopped for every ant too. It was a slow, but fun walk! We also spotted a lot of different butterflies and moths, wild flowers, birds, a squirrel, and a caterpillar! We all loved hearing the mountain stream as we hiked. The girls said hello to every biker, walker, and dog we passed. They’re so friendly. Lily got tired and rode in the carrier on Daddy’s back. Violet was a trooper and walked almost the whole time! I finally put her in the carrier too and then they held each other’s hands. So sweet!

4-15-15 It snowed!!! It was snowing all day today so as soon as we got home from school and Mary's, we got all of our snow gear on and went outside! We made a snow daddy and a snow mama that were as big as they are! Since the wind blew down a branch the night before, we had arms for them and we found rocks for eyes and carrot noses! They needed hats so the girls made hats out of snow. They were so cute patting the snowmen with their mittened hands. Violet started worrying about the flowers that were heavy with snow so she started gently brushing them off. Lily helped a little too, but not so gently. We were outside for over an hour and it was snowing the whole time! It was starting to get cold, but they did not want to go inside! We had so much fun out there. I'm a little sad we'll have to wait until next winter to play in the snow again! We only had 3 snowfalls this year!

4-18-15 This morning we walked around a little in Sugar House and walked along the nature path. The girls want to pick every dandelion they see! We went to the Tracy Aviary in the afternoon! That’s such a great place for the girls to walk around. It’s not too big and they get to see cool birds up close. They love running around to see the all of the exhibits! We were almost ready to leave when Violet found a ladybug! She crouched down, right in the path, to watch this little ladybug. I overheard a young couple talking about how sweet and cute she is! She yelled for us to come over to see it too! Lily loved it, but decided to try to step on it. Luckily she missed! Haha! After dinner, we went to Gateway. They were so cute together, walking with their hoods on and their hands in their pockets. They were singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow in the car on the way home. Lily was so, so, so tired at bedtime. We were reading The Eensy-Weensy Spider. The spider gets into some kind of trouble on every page, but ends up ok on every page too. At the end, Lily started crying hard, with her big sad frown. She leaned over to hug me and said, “My ok.” I asked, “What’s wrong?” She said, “Spider,” and pointed to the spider, and then started crying again and hugging and saying, “My ok.” Ahh, so sweet! It was the first time I saw her get so emotional over a character in a book!

4-19-15 Violet was bringing us "drinks" in the little cups. Ryan said, "It's delicious!" She repeated, "It's delicious?" in her high voice and sweet smile. Then Lily said, "No, it's BE-licious!"

4-23-15 Today my dad and Mindy were married! It was a lovely, quaint ceremony in a big gazebo at the U, Fort Douglas. We are all so happy for them! Afterwards, we went to dinner at Tsunami and ate in the private room upstairs. It was perfect, fun, and so memorable! The food was delicious and so was the champagne (Dom Perignon!!) and wine! The cake was to die for! It was a layered vanilla cake with passion fruit mousse/gel on top and fresh fruit. What a beautiful, exciting day!

4-26-15 We let Violet pick out a box of Band-Aids at the store. She almost picked the Spider Man and Ninja Turtles, but ended up with Snoopy! We’re going to let her pick the one she wants for her thumb. Even if she only leaves it on for an hour, that’s one less hour she’s sucking her thumb!

4-27-15 They've always like the purple balls from the ball pit the best! They'll throw out all the purple balls, or put them all in their buckets. Today Lily put them all in their kitchen! Three in each side of the sink, on the shelves, and in the pitchers! She's so tidy and orderly (sometimes)! Ryan said he would have done the same thing when he was little, but with the red balls!

4-30-15 Violet’s been pretty good about keeping her Band-Aids on all week! There were two days she still had it on when I picked her up from Mary’s! The other days, she had a tan Band-Aid from Mary’s. She didn’t take them off until almost 6:00 this week! What’s really funny, is that she’s been sleeping with her “Noopy” Snoopy box! We decided we’ll let her pick a new box every week or two and continue letting her pick one out every morning. We know we probably won’t completely stop her sucking her thumb, but if we can curb it a little, that would be great!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

March 2015

3-3-15 Lily's been chucking something and then stating, "Pob-em solved." (problem solved)
Daddy made a snowman for the girls today! It was just about 12 inches high! We haven't gotten very much snow this winter!

3-4-15 Violet is in the No! phase. It's never very fierce because she has such a high, feathery, wispy voice. At dinner she devoured the asparagus and ate lots of chicken and bread. I asked her, "Did you like the asparagus?" "No!" and "Did you eat chicken?" "No!" Then she'll point at me and shake a little and say Nooooo!! But it's still a sweet no.

3-5-15 Lily has fallen asleep at the dinner table two nights in a row! It's not gradual at all. One minute she's being loud and silly, the next she's out, nodding her head like a bobble head! She won't be woken up either! Total power nap! After that, she's hyper!

3-6-15 We went to dinner at Setebello in Farmington tonight. It was delicious and the girls ate a lot of pizza! There was a cute little girl (10 months old) at the table next to ours. They were so cute with her! Smiling, waving, imitating her scrunched up nose! They are social butterflies! After that, we went to Ogden to Union Station to see the model car show. I saw it on the news and we went on a whim. The girls loved it! There were tons of nerds with their toy- I mean, model trains. The girls were both fascinated! I held Violet and she kept saying, “Wooo-wooooo,” and looking at the trains in awe. Lily was telling Daddy, “Look, Daddy, look!” Then she’d want to get down, but couldn’t see anything because they were up on tables, so wanted him to pick her back up. They wore their Thomas hats and got lots of attention! They got a dum-dum sucker as a special treat (they haven’t had one since Halloween) and Lily devoured it! She even ate part of the stick (oops)! Violet just held on to hers and got sticky. She didn’t even eat the whole thing! Upstairs, we saw Thomas and Percy! They were set up on toddler level and they watched them go around about 50 times. Thomas and Percy's eyes moved back and forth too. Very realistic! They waved at them each time they went around. The man that had that set up also had quite a few others. He brought one over to the girls and asked if they wanted to hold it! Of course they did! Violet had such a tight grip on it! She loved it! When Ryan said to let go so we could give it back, she said, “No.” To top it off, the girls got paper conductor hat/headbands, and we got to see the big (real) engines outside! They were speechless! They touched the big wheels and called it Hiro, from one of the Thomas shows. On our way back to the car, Lily shouted, "OLD MAN!" when this older man was walking by. I don't think he heard us though! How silly she is!! As we were getting them back in the car, the Frontrunner train went by. Violet loved it! At home, Ryan was rocking Lily and she looked up at him and said, “Thomas, Percy.” They had a great time tonight!! I’m sure they’ll be dreaming of trains!

3-8-15 Today we went to the zoo with Jack and Liz! All the kids had so much fun and were great troopers. They wanted to walk a lot, almost the whole time! Lily ended up pushing the stroller instead of riding in it most of the time! They loved the seals, elephants, and lions the best! We rode on the Merry-Go-Round and Violet rode on a big emu with mama! Lily was going to ride a red panda, but got a little scared so her and daddy sat on the peacock bench. Everyone had a great time on the Merry-Go-Round! They loved running through the log tunnel with Jack. Of course the loved the train too!!! We got to sit right at the front and waved to everyone!

3-10-15 Violet loves brushing my hair! I was sitting on the floor and she brushed it so gently! 

3-11-15 Every time I write anything, Lily comes over and says, "Write my name, Lily name!" Then she asks me to write Violet's name and then daddy and mama. Last night she asked Ryan to write Elsa! I can't believe she's asking that at just over 2 years old! Violet is talking more and more every day too. They both know most of their colors. I was surprised to hear Lily name orange today and Violet name green. Violet has been sucking her thumb less too. If you say, "No thumb, Violet, take it out," she'll say, "No, no thumb!" It's very sweet!

3-12-15 They wanted to wear my watch. I asked Lily what time it was. She said, "6-7. Bedtime." Violet said, "8!"

3-14-15 We bought some pansies today and the girls helped me plant them in the pots out front. Violet was thrilled! She's our naturalist and loves flowers. I made a little hole in the soil and then have her a flower to put in. She placed it in the pot carefully and then clapped her hands. She clapped after planting each flower. At one point she was so excited, she was literally shaking! Lily liked planting too. She sort of dropped the flowers in the hole. They both helped me water them too. I'm sure Violet will want to check on her flowers every day now!
Lily started saying my-my at the beginning of her sentences. My-my wash my hands. My-my play with sissy. My-my watch MeMe Poppins.

3-21-15 Lily said, "Mmmm, mmmm, this is delicious!" at lunch today. Violet was feeding her rabbit and then herself.

3-25-15 Violet brings me a cup and we pretend to drink then she says, "licious!" Lily crouched down to check out an ant today. She also "wrote" all of our names on her doodle board!

3-26-15 Lily came into my bedroom this morning and said, "I love you." That's the first time she's said it first! They always say I love you after we say it, so this was pretty special! Sweetheart!

3-27-15 Today Violet said, "I love you!" before I said it! They sure do like to do things at the same time!

3-28-15 We had an awesome day!! We went to an Easter egg hunt this morning in Bountiful. We made it just in time and they had a blast! They each collected about 8 eggs before the big kids overtook the 4 and under side (greedy little bastards). They loved opening their eggs and finding their little toys or candies inside! I said, "Did you have fun finding your Easter eggs?" Lily yelled, "No! Baby eggs!" (All eggs are baby eggs now thanks to the books about baby penguins.) At home they kept opening and closing their baby eggs over and over again.
After nap we ran some errands and then went to dinner at Mi La-Cai Noodle House. They were so happy and loved sharing my pho and Ryan's chicken dish. They were hilarious eating the long rice noodles! We went to the Poor Yorick art exhibit next. They liked looking at the paintings and other art work, but were nervous about walking into the different studio rooms. We saw Cheree, who is cousin Harper's mom, and her lovely paintings. There was a band playing outside and the girls danced and danced! They were so adorable! They'd dance in circles and then walk with their feet kicking out in front of them. They were always imitating each other. When Lily walked with her hands behind her back, Violet did the same. When Violet crouched down to look at a weed growing in a crack in the pavement, Lily did the same. When one stopped dancing for a moment, the other one stopped right next to her. They each put a dollar in the tip bucket and waved bye-bye!
We checked out The Music Man from the library. Lily calls it Superman. They were tickling each other and kissing each other before bedtime tonight. I love when they're so lovey and playful with each other!

3-29-15 Lily noticed that Violet's eyes are blue. I told her that hers are blue too. She grabbed a blue ball, held it to her eye, and said, "Match!"
Violet brushes her pony's hair with a tiny little brush. She's so gentle!

3-31-15 Lily won't give me a hug in the morning unless my sockies are on! She helps me put them on too!
Violet likes to scrunch up her nose and lips when she says No!
Lily loves helping us set the table. She puts napkins, silverware, their milks, and anything else she can manage! Then she's ready to eat! She loves helping any way she can!
Violet wears her apron almost every day! She is always cooking and feeding her dolls and animals. She talks to them in that high, soft voice of hers!

 Daddy made a snowman for us!

 Out like a light.

She had to wear her slippies (with footed jammies), and she put all of those extra blankets on her. Oh, and she's hugging her sippy cup of water. Silly!

 New aprons!

 We happened upon Legos Across America at Fashion Place Mall!

 Building stuff is fun!

 If you can't reach, you find a way!

 Whoa! That's a tall Statue of Liberty!

 Silly girls found their winter gear. It's been too warm!

 St. Patrick's Day!

 Lily fell asleep at the table!

 Violet's feeding her doggy! Just like Mary feeds the baby at daycare.

 Easter Egg Hunt! (NO MAMA! BABY EGGS!)

After the Tootsie Roll!! This girls looooves chocolate!!

 Eating pho!

 Love those noodles!

 She loves dancing and kicking up one leg!

My fashionista! Apron, mittens, hat, kitty ears!